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Gay Psychic

Giving you the truth to your questions.  
Yes I'm the "Happy" Psychic who happens to like men.  
I am here to be of service to everyone in need whether you are GLBTQ or Heterosexual.  I am just open as to WHO I am.  I have nothing to hide and neither should you.

When some turn away the GLBTQ commnity, I'm here to be of service.
To me it is not WHO you love but HOW you love is what matters.  

For a listing of services that I offer, please click the SERVICES link above.

Currently I live with my Husband in San Francisco, San Isidro De Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica.
I am available to help you via E-Mail, Skype or Messenger for readings and distant healings. For Ministerial Services I can travel to you regardless of where you live.